Pros and Cons of BookWormLab. A Detailed Review is an online writing service, which has been on the market for the last eight years. It’s a service that offers academic writing products. Their targeted audience starts from high school students and goes all the way up to people working on their final thesis or dissertation. Let’s see our review for this website. reviews can prove you, all mentioned above.

What is the quality of their services?

The testimonials posted on the website are positive, while the off-site customer reviews are mixed. The writing quality was found to be low, and there were several grammar errors inside the paper we requested. At the same time, the resources they have been using are quite elementary and not academic ones. Not to even mention that composition errors are also an issue that we found with this online writing service.

The main downside of their not so academic resources is the fact that using a gossip site in someone’s paper will oblige the person to present a paper that will never be accepted by a professor. The website does not even offer previews to ease the process of choosing their company over others. You ask for the paper, pay for it and you will end up with a low-quality document and doubtable resources.

They do have a samples section, but that is more of an area focused on advertising the company’s services. There is a study case in this section, but it is only five pages long. Usually, a case study is 20 pages long and the research included is top notch. The five-page study case is disqualified due to the number of pages and the research done on the subject, which is low.

Another minus of BookWormLab is the fact that there is less to none information about their writers. All you can find are the words “highly qualified” and nothing more. When asked about the writers’ skills or any writing questions, specific on the subject, the staff was unable to answer and said all additional details should be talked with the writer. Not quite the best solution.

What prices do they offer?

When it comes to prices, Book Worm Lab is quite an expensive website, especially for the quality they offer. Unfortunately, there are no discounts, coupon codes or any promo code available on the website, yet there is a section in the form that suggests you could get a discount. To get one, you need to contact their support team.

For an 8-page long paper with a seven-day deadline, we got a discount from $241 to $194. It is still a pretty high price for this kind of industry and paper. The transition is safe, yet they recommend using PayPal for the payment.

A plus to this service is that they do offer free revisions. If you are not satisfied with the way your paper turned out, you can tell them to revise it for you.


As per all, this online writing service has some faults, such as grammar and composing errors, the use of low-quality resources and the high prices. So, our rating for them is poor. Even though BookWormLab is not fraud or scam, we believe that students could find better writing elsewhere, for these prices.